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The armory, Marutake is Japan’s, and the world’s, premier producer of fine Samurai Yoroi Armor. Located in Satsuma-Sendai city of J apan’s southwestern Kagoshima prefecture, their reputation for creating products of unparalleled quality has given them over a 90% share of the Japanese armor market. From television dramas, such as “Yoshitsune,” to feature films, including Akira Kurosawa’s classics, “Kagemusha,” and “Ran,” Marutake has shared the spirit of the Samurai with the world. Having produced thousands of suits of armor, their clientele extends from the entertainment industry to temples, museums, and even the Queen of England.

Productions Using Our Products

Akira Kurosawa Films

RAN (June, 1985)
KAGEMUSHA (April, 1980)

Overseas Movies

2004 JAPAN Memoirs of a Secret Empire
2009 Old Dogs
2010 Inception

Other Films

1992 Oda Nobunaga
1995 Heike Monogatari

Global Commercial

2018 Asahi Super Dry global CM

TV - NHK Taiga Dramas

1979. Kusa Moyuru - Minamoto Yoritomo
1987. Dokuganryu Masamune
1988. Takeda Shingen
1991 Taiheiki - Ashikaga Takauji
1992. Nobunaga - King of Zipangu
1993. Hono-Tatsu - Fujiwara family
1995. Tokugawa Yoshimune
1996 Hideyoshi
1997. Mouri Motonari
1999. Genryoku Ryoran - Oishi Kuranosuke
2000. AOI Tokugawa 3 generations
2002. Maeda Toshiie
2005. Minamoto Yoshitsune
2006. Koumyo Ga Tsuji
2007. Furin Kazan
2008. Atsuhime
2009. Tenchijin - Naoe Kanetsugu
2016. Sanada-Maru
Armors for Kurosawa film

Japan’s Premier Armory.

All pieces are 100 handcrafted in Japan. Each suit of armor is modeled after examples found in museums, private collections, temples, shrines, hidden storehouses of Samurai clans and other historical sources. All pieces are painstakingly handcrafted by experienced artisans, using authentic methods and materials.
Hand Spliced iron helmet

Made of Iron

The helmet is comprised of hand-spliced iron plates as original one, each with its own specific proportions. When joined, they result in the perfectly formed kabuto.
Armor Artist

Authentic Materials

All of our body armors and helmets are made solely of iron or genuine leather. We use no plastic, whatsoever.
Open Imagination

The Craftsmanship

Also note the absence of any blueprints or patterns. Our skilled artisans store the precise designs, details and measurements in their heads and in the muscle memory of their hands, as it takes 5-10 years to become an accomplished craftsman in this team.
Samurai Armor Craftman

Fashioned by Hand.

Note how all of the iron pieces for both the body armor and helmets are being fashioned by hand. Our parts are never machine-pressed, as with other manufacturers.
Open Imagination

Face Mask

The appearance matters more than erudition...
Braid lacings

Braid Lacings

Also painstakingly hand-knitted at the armory.

Samurai Store knows that true Samurai fans could never be satisfied with the inferior, mass-produced armor that comes out of many parts of the world. That is why we only offer authentic, life-size, wearable Samurai Armors and helmets that are 100% handcrafted in Japan by skilled craftsmen. We are proud to partner with Marutake to provide you with these superior suits of Samurai Armor. As the only authorized international distributor of their products, we are happy to offer these quality Yoroi to you at the best prices!

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