Custom Sizing

We Do Custom Order

Our armors are designed to fit average Japanese adults up to 175cm (5 3/4'), with up to 100cm (40") chests.

If you need a larger size (or smaller perfect fit for your Dojo practice/movie shooting), we would be happy to offer you our custom sizing service to ensure a perfect fit. A slight fee (between 10% and 40% of the listed price) may be charged, depending on your measurements. It will take 1 to 2 additional weeks to complete a custom sized suit of armor.

We Need Your Measurements.

Please refer to the chart that figures which measurements on your body would be required for the custom sizing. Please be advised you should provide as many measurements in the chart as possible to ensure the perfect fit.

Get Measured!

To accept your custom sizing request, we need at least 5 key measurements from the chart.
(A) Height:
(1) Head Circumference:
(3) Fingertip to the Base of Neck:
(4) Chest Circumference: